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Antistudio is an independent branding, advertising and photography agency dedicated to focusing on consumer brand communications, fashion and luxury products. Creative Director and Founder Marcello Cassano is well known for its insatiable culture and ability to drive business results for clients, understanding the Brand direction intimately first, then involving in Miami, Boston or New York local experienced professional freelances to be a part of a highly creative process, bringing intuition to research and strategy, building correct brand to consumer experiences, targeting storytelling process and creating emotions for outstanding results. Involving a modular team guarantee to have an unique approach to each project and to minimize the cost of pre-production, production and post-production chapters. Building a correct Brand identity, create emotional feelings and desires of commitment, engaging the final costumer, and then increase Brand outcomes through credibility, reputation, experience and is our promise of future results.

Some projects

Swimwear Campaign, Logo Design, Fashion Look Book, Hair and Beauty AD, Model Agency VIsual ID, Jewelry Campaign, have a look into some of our most representative work we produced in US and Europe in the last years. The relationship between brand and consumers always comes first to us, presenting your product or service as the top solution to your consumers' needs and desires, ending with intense visuals and successful commitment and outcomes.

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